Your best.

When the light is fading
When your on your own
And you cannot find the way home
When it all seems bleak
When hope is lost
When your prepared to pay the cost
The cost of what might have gone badly story that could have ended sadly
This world when dark and uncertain as can be
No possible way you can be free
There might be an answer, if rightly you search
In the deepest depths, you have to search
The depths your mind, yourself, your soul
You really aren’t, a bottomless hole
You are the light
You shine so bright
Like a diamond in the light
You are the answer to all your problems
External help will create more problems
Just take an opinion,
A pint of view
I swear you will see something new
If you blend an opinion
Within yourself
This beautiful remedy you won’t forget
You’ll feel so happy
So damn good
To your soul this happiness will be food
And into the sunset, you will walk again
Brimming with joyfulness
Free from stress
When in this bliss
You’re at your best.



Is what we see what it is
Is it shrouded by a mist
Cheating our eyes and mind
Leaving us in the dark, blind
Is reality what we perceive it to be
Should it be questioned more vociferously
Does a need arise, for us to ask
For truth to unveil itself
Let go of the mask
Or do we satisfy ourselves
With the truth we see
Our adulterated version of reality
Abridged censored and mellowed 
Are we impervious to the mother lode
Do we ignore what we should see
See only what we want to see
Omit what we dislike
For the fear that truth
Will undermine the very roots
On which we base our existence
A truth that lurks. At a distance
In plain, clear sight
Like a full moon light
But covered with a haze 
To a cowardly gaze
Absent from realisation
For its secret, it’s very creation
Lies deeper still within our minds
Deep in our consciousness we will find
That this doom like, horrifying fear we hide
This fear of what we ignore to see 
A light, beyond the horizon in the sea
Is like any other emotion we feel
Erased by cognitive rationality
It can be seen, and thus defeated
It can be destructed, as it was created
It is weak, fickle and sly, 
Easy to break, easier to hide
This fear, does not exist in truth
Why? is a matter of elation
This fear, is a figment, of imagination.

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